Construction and Upgradation including specialized slope treatment of existing road to 2-lane with paved shoulder from existing km. 458.900 to km. 459.475 of Patalganga landslide of NH-07 under Chardham Priyojna on EPC basis in the state Uttarakhand.


Patalganga landslide

Patalganga landslide - 3 Patalganga landslide - 1

The location of Patalganga has long been a source of concern due to its susceptibility to accidents caused by heavy rainfall and the steep slope of the area. In an effort to mitigate these issues and protect against landslides, a 150-meter-long Open Concrete Tunnel was constructed in 2021. This tunnel not only serves to improve the safety of the region but also provides easy and smooth access to important transportation routes.

The rainy season in Patalganga can be particularly hazardous, with heavy downpours often leading to landslides and rendering the roads unsafe for travel. These landslides can cause significant damage to the road itself, as well as pose a danger to the lives of those who use it. The construction of the Open Concrete Tunnel has helped to mitigate these risks, allowing for the safe passage of people and goods through the area.

The road connecting Chamoli to Joshimath, Mana, and Badrinath Dham is a vital transportation route for both the local population and our border forces. These brave individuals are responsible for defending our country, and it is crucial that they have access to reliable and safe transportation. The construction of the tunnel has greatly improved the accessibility of this road, making it easier for our border forces to travel to and from their stations.

Overall, the construction of the 150-meter Open Concrete Tunnel in Patalganga has been a major success. It has greatly improved the safety and reliability of an important transportation route and has helped to protect against the dangers of landslides in the area. The team behind this project can be proud of their hard work and dedication and can rest assured that their efforts have made a positive impact on the region. We will continue to strive for excellence in all of our construction projects, working towards the goal of creating safer and more reliable transportation routes for all.