Geometric Improvement and Reconstruction of Agrakhal-Chamba Road to 2-Lane with Paved Shoulder.

Agrakhal- Chamba Road Work

Agrakhal- Chamba Road Work -1
Agrakhal- Chamba Road Work -2


In the year 2020, the government of Uttarakhand took the initiative to undertake the integrated development of Char Dham, a group of four holy Hindu temples located in the region, with the aim of providing a safe and reliable connection with the city of Rishikesh. This project, known as the Char Dham Project, was undertaken in response to the natural calamity that had struck the area, causing widespread damage to the roads and infrastructure. As a result of this disaster, many of the roads leading to Char Dham were in poor condition and had been cut off due to landslides.

To address this issue, the government decided to undertake the reconstruction of the Agrakhal-Chamba Road, a stretch of highway measuring 28.699 kilometers that connects the district of Tehri Garhwal to the rest of the region. This road, which is also known as National Highway 94, is a vital artery for the region and serves as a lifeline for the local population, providing access to essential services and connecting people to their homes, schools, and workplaces.

To carry out the work, the government enlisted the help of a team of skilled engineers and construction workers who were tasked with improving the geometric alignment of the road. This involved re-grading the surface to ensure that it was smooth and level, as well as adding new drainage and retaining walls to prevent erosion and landslides. In addition, the team also worked to widen and strengthen the roadbed, using advanced construction techniques and materials to make it more durable and resistant to damage.

After years of hard work and dedication, the team was finally able to complete the reconstruction of the Agrakhal-Chamba Road in the year 2020. The finished product was a modern and efficient highway that measured a total of 59.420 kilometers and provided a safe and reliable connection to the Char Dham temples. The project was hailed as a major success and has had a profound impact on the region, improving the lives of the local population and helping to stimulate economic growth and development.