Widening of Runway Basic Strip at Western Side of Runway Chainage 80m to 920m i/c Slope Stabilization Measures (Balance Work) of Uphill and Improvement of Storm Water Drainage System at Pakyong Airport, Sikkim (on EPC build basis) with integrated 10 years maintenance period.

This project involves widening the runway basic strip on the western side from chainage 80m to 920m, including slope stabilization measures and the improvement. of the stormwater drainage system. Additionally, the project is specified to be
executed on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) build basis, and it includes an integrated 10-year maintenance period.

In order to enhance the airport & functionality, safety, and overall operational efficiency, The Airports Authority of India, has come with widening the runway strip and implementing slope stabilization measures to contribute to safer takeoffs and landings, especially in challenging terrains like hillsides. Also, improving airport facilities can contribute to making the region more attractive to tourists, potentially boosting the local economy.

As per our revelation, we are determined to deliver the best of our expertise and provide our best services. The successful completion of this project shall be a testament to our team’s proficiency and commitment to our mission of delivering high-quality work.